Strategic Initiatives

Epidemic Interventions (PrEP/TLC+) Initiative
In 2012, through the Epidemic Interventions Initiative, CHRP funded three collaborative projects to test and evaluate innovative approaches of two interventions intended to improve health outcomes and curb the HIV epidemic in California. Multi-disciplinary teams of investigators will engage populations most adversely affected by HIV to provide testing and linkage to care plus antiretroviral treatment for those who are HIV positive (referred to as "TLC+"), while at-risk individuals who are HIV negative will be offered prophylactic antiretroviral medication in addition to prevention counseling and medical monitoring (referred to as "PrEP").

Collaborative HIV/AIDS Policy Research Centers
In 2012, CHRP funded two HIV/AIDS Policy Research Centers comprised of multi-disciplinary teams of investigators working in partnership with consumers, advocates, and policymakers to conduct policy-relevant research that strengthen local, state, and national HIV. This research produces new knowledge that can be applied to improve prevention and care services for affected persons and populations.

Patient-Centered Medical Home Demonstration Project
In 2010, under the Mark Etzel Patient-Centered Medical Home Demonstration Project Research Award, CHRP funded five health care provider organizations over three years to evaluate the effectiveness of Patient-Centered Medical Homes for persons with HIV /AIDS. This research examines cost, quality, patient satisfaction, and patient self-management. This is a collaborative research project with cross-site evaluation coordinated by the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at UCSF.